Offering quality food forms the core of our business. That means knowing who our suppliers are, and supporting local cooperation, which is key for ensuring fairness and sustainability. Farmers and producers form an essential part of the food chain – for this reason we must support them so that they too can create a decent livelihood for themselves, in such a way that keeps our footprint on the environment as low as possible. Our main suppliers are mentioned below.

Photo by @rodrigocerv

Photo by @rodrigocerv





We are concerned with the impact large-scale industrial meat production and consumption has on the environment,  the climate, and on the well-being of animals.

That is why we offer only local, free-range, naturally produced meat. All our meat and eggs come from family-owned Downland Produce. Our milk comes from Estate Dairy where the herd is farmed sustainably on over 600 acres of Somerset pastures. Our Halloumi is newly sourced from award-winning Yorkshire Dama Cheese. All other dairy products come from family-owned Ivy House Farm. We offer only sustainably caught fish from Fin and Flounders.

Fruits and vegetables are chemical-free and are provided by Ted’s Veg.

Photo by @kirsty_ellenx

Photo by @kirsty_ellenx



Food Waste


Globally, one third of produced food is thrown away annually. That amounts to an incredible 1.3 billion tons each year! Such waste brings environmental, financial, economic and social problems that we do not want to contribute to.

Food waste in landfills has terrible effects on the environment and climate. That’s why we make sure that all our bio-waste is properly recycled, to be used for compost or biogas.

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We offer delicious breakfast dishes that are just about the best way to start your day. Coming in a bit later? Our Brunch menu is just the thing for you! You can have some good coffee or fresh juice to boost your energy, or simply chill with some beer or a glass of wine. For your sweet tooth we offer in-house baked goodies where you can also find vegan options. Or how about some yummy ice-cream (coming soon)? Yep, we've got it all...